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Environmental Health & Safety Auditing

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EHS Auditing

Fishbone Safety Audit Division offers the perfect EHS solution for under performance operations as well as for those who believe zero is an obtainable number. We specialize in any audit, anywhere, anytime.

With highly competent personnel we utilize the greatest talents, the most creative minds and passion to deliver the BEST IN CLASS services to an industry that is heavily regulated and demands perfection. Fishbone Safety can integrate your standard audit format or design a format that is conductive to your specific business needs.

If your operation is due for audit by the operator or a regulatory agency, Fishbone Safety can provide a pre-audit that will identify where the high risk potential areas are and consult your workers on identifying and addressing those items, therefore eliminating the risk to your company’s reputation. Our job is to make you and your client look good using our site specific auditing services.

If you have an operation with a high number of incidents, we can identify trends and consult with you to reduce the at risk environment. Do the majority of your incidents tend to be from ‘failure to follow proper procedures’? Our solution will empower you to eliminate those occurrences thus making your job site a much safer working environment.

Whether you are a contractor or operator, we will provide a comprehensive site specific risk assessment of your operation to identify both at risk potentials as well as trends that foster at risk behavior; we will improve EHS performance within your operation as well as the relationship between you and your client.

Our efforts will make you and your stakeholders look good at the end of the day, every day. We absolutely guarantee a solution for your EHS performance needs!

Types of Audits:

  • EHS Compliance
  • Drilling On Land/Offshore
  • Subpart O
  • CSM
  • P&A Construction
  • Pipeline & DOT
  • SEMS Subpart S
  • Production
  • Completions
  • Well Service

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