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Fishbone Safety: Occupational Medical Services

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Occupational Medical Testing is our first area of expertise. We will provide a full line of industrial testing services such as:

Drug Screening
  • DOT & Non-DOT Drug Testing Collections
  • DISA Collections
  • First Advantage Collections
  • Forward Edge Collections
  • ASAP Drug Solutions Collections
  • PTC Collections
  • One Source Toxicology
  • 10 Rapid/Quick Urine Testing
  • Hair Follicle Collections
  • Approved Certified TPA Collection Site
Breath Alcohol Testing
  • DOT & Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians
Physical Examinations
  • Pre-Placement Non-DOT Physicals
  • Employer Defined Non-DOT Physicals
  • Periodic/Annual Exams/OSHA
  • DOT Physicals
Blood Draw
  • Certified phlebotomist
  • Blood Lead & ZPP
  • Chromium 6
  • Benzene
Audiometric Testing
  • CAOCH Certified Technicians
  • Meets ANSI Standards for Audiometers
Pulmonary Function Testing
  • OSHA/NIOSH Approved Spirometers
  • In-House Physician to review MEQ Evaluation
  • NIOSH Approved Technicians
  • ANSI Classifications Issued to each Employee
Respiratory FIT Testing
  • OSHA compliant for all respirators
  • Full & Half Face
  • Most commonly used masks available
Electronic Document Management System
  • Data is accessible 24/7
  • Controlled User Access
  • Flexible Reporting
Supplied Air Training
  • Training includes SCBA, SAR, Bottlewatch & Egress Bottle
  • Hands-on & Written Exam
  • Classes offered three times per day: 10 am, 1 pm & 3 pm

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