Fishbone Energy Services, Safety Solutions, Inspection Services and Information Technologies
The Fishbone Safety Solutions team provides highly qualified and licensed safety professionals throughout the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream industrial sectors.
  • Offshore Oil Rig Safety Consultants
  • Offshore Safety
  • Standalone Oil Rig
  • Downstream Safety Services
  • Fishbone Safety
  • Oilfield Safety
The Services We Provide:

Fishbone Safety offers a variety of Personnel and Consultants. Our degreed and non-degreed experienced safety professionals are available to work worldwide to exceed your requirements, whether in the oil field, petrochemical plants, pipelines, construction projects or disaster & emergency response. We will provide the right individual with the right type of training, certifications and experience that are necessary for your particular project needs.

Safety Personnel and Consulting:

  • Upstream Drilling Operations
  • Upstream Completion & Workover Operations
  • Upstream Production Operations
  • Upstream Construction Projects
  • Midstream Pipelines & Compressor Stations
  • Downstream Construction Projects
  • Downstream Refineries and Chemical Plants
  • Downstream Safety Coordinators
  • Domestic & International Projects
  • Disaster & Emergency Response
  • Offshore & Land Based Projects
  • Confined Space Rescue Teams
  • Confined Space Attendants (hole watch)
  • High Angle Rescue Teams